'Devil & St. Jesus' - International Songwriting Competition Winner 2017

Gordon Barry is the best songwriter that's come out of Camp Copperhead, but make no mistake he was already a special songwriter when he got there.”

— Steve Earle

Infused with old school country and featuring a welcome sprinkling of soul, this lovelorn number is an absorbing listen, and recommended for fans of Wilco and Whiskeytown.”

— Hot Press

A beautiful piece of songwriting.”

— Mick Flannery

This is wonderful.”

— RTE Radio 1

A fantastic song that begs to be listened to again and again.”

— Marah

Classic lyric writing is alive and well in the 21st century.”

— The International Songwriting Competition

One of the best songs to come out of the deep south of anywhere...A raw elegy to loneliness.”

— Eoin Colfer

Devil & St. Jesus creates the high water mark”

— The Last Mixed Tape

One of my favourite irish songs of all time.”

— Martin Bridgeman - KCLR Radio